Osmaston Park - 'Leander + Laura' Wedding Trailer

2 posts in 2 days! Think this is a first for me........ Today I have possibly my favourite ever wedding trailers. the pressure was on as Leander is a BAFTA nominated film director so I needed to come up with the goods. I brought along all my gadgets, the 6ft Jib/Crane, the Glidetrack and the Car Pod (where I can attach the camera to my car).

I think I was always destined to film this wedding......

A few years ago I was searching amazon for some cinematic music to edit to and I came across a movie soundtrack to a film called 'The Crimson Wing' which is a Disney Documentary about Flamingo's. The soundtrack was produced by 'The Cinematic Orchestra' and is beautiful. I bought the whole album and subsenquently used the tracks on a lot of my wedding videos. Last year I recieved a call from Leander with regards me filming his wedding, he then proceeded to tell me he was a film director and had recently made a documentary for Disney called 'The Crimson Wing'. to add to the story the Cimentic Orchesta gave a private performance during the evening reception and it was also this film that helped bring together Leander + Laura.

Taking photo's on the day was the lovely Sophie Lindsay. She was really great to work with. Check out her work!

I felt very honoured to be filming the wedding video of Leander and Laura. Im really pleased with the trailer....hopefully you all like it too! Any comments are always welcome......