Richard & Angharad's Hampshire Wedding

Earlier this year we took the long drive down to Hampshire (from Leeds) the film the wedding of Richard & Angharad Gravelle, teaming up with my good friends and amazing photographers Cris Matthews and Hayley Ruth

im fortunate enough to get to work at some of the uk's most beautiful wedding venues and this ranks up there as one of the best all in one venues complete with an on-site church.

Angharad and richard first met when Richard was looking for a new job, he then went for an interview at a Recruitment Agency, Angharad was the interviewer. The interview then turned into a date and by the end of the day they both knew they had something special....Richard must have great interview skills!

Below are their wedding video highlights and 25 min main movie. If you have time please watch the main movie too, it gives you a great idea of how we edit our feature films and how we tell the story of the day.