Nikan + Azizeh Wedding Trailer

Hi All!

Hope 2010 has been good to you so far. January is always a quiet time for us here at Lenik Wedding Films which gives us lots of opportunity to catch up on our editing! This is our very first 'Wedding Trailer' as it's a new service we now offer. Its included in Package Option 3. If you decide to go with Package Option 1 or 2 we can still create one for you at a cost of £250.

Its a taster for the final edited version and gives you a first glimpse of the wedding day.

Nikan + Azizeh's wedding was amazing, so full of energy and passion. Hope you all enjoy watching it (especially Nikan + Azizeh!). We shot the wedding with 2 camera men (myself + Guillermo) using 3 cameras, the 7D, 5D and the EX-1. We also used the glidetrack system for the motion shots.


NIKAN + AZIZEH WEDDING TRAILER from Mark William Lenik on Vimeo.