Wedding Video Promo - Blu Ray and DVD

We have just completed our latest Wedding Video Showreel and is now available for the first time on 'Blu Ray' as well as DVD. So when ordering your showreel please specify which format you would like us to send out to you.

The showreel is made up from mainly our highlights edits from recent weddings (many of which can also be found on our website) To order our showreel please click the 'Wedding DVD showreel' link

We have also edited together a short promo trailer with shots taken from the wedding we have just filmed and are yet to edit. We wanted to showcase the shots we have been getting with one of our new equipment purchases, the 'GlideTrack', which we now use on every wedding shoot.


LENIK WEDDING FILMS PROMO TRAILER from Mark William Lenik on Vimeo.