Lenik Wedding Films Invests In More New Equipment

To keep at the cutting edge of the wedding video industry we are constantly looking for new technology that will enhance our product. One of the big developments has been the arrival of the VDSLR's. Essentially these are high end professional digital photo cameras that shoot video. These cameras are nothing short of amazing and give an image that is close to cinema quality.


They are perfect for wedding film production and will change the industry. With more up and coming wedding videographers starting to use these VDSLR cameras we should slowly start to see the end of the tacky poorly edited video look that so many wedding videographers still produce (giving wedding videos a bad name and evoking feelings that wedding videos are cheesy)

The big major difference between these cameras and the usual digital video cameras is the shallow depth of field. Digital video cameras have a big depth of field which means everything in the image is in focus. Shallow depth of field means only a section of the image on screen is in focus and the rest will be blurry for example: the bride and groom are in front of the camera in focus and the background is blurred. The next time you watch a film look out for this as 40-50% of the shots will have this look.

This has been the main difference between the look of video and the look of film. Before VDSLR's came out, it would have cost over £50,000 to buy a HD movie camera that would achieve the shallow depth of field look (way over any wedding videographers budget) and now your looking at 2-3k.

Lenik Wedding Films have invested in the Canon 5d Mark 2 and the Canon 7D along with a wide variety of lenses. As these cameras are small you need extra equipment to make them feel more like a traditional movie camera so we also bought extra stabilisation rigs.

The new equipment also compliments our already huge outlay this year. We bought the Sony EX-1 which is our main camera unit, along with radio mics and senhiesser shot gun mics. We purchased a steady cam, Glide Track, 4.5m Jib arm, Dolly tracking, Suction car moun, full lighting set up as well as plugins for our editing suite to make our films even more cinematic. With a total outlay this year of 20k we are on our way to establishing ourselves as one of the leading wedding film makers in the UK.


Obviously there is more to making wedding films than having the right equipment you also need the skill, but there is a certain quality you just cannot reach without the right tools. Our aim is for Lenik Wedding Films to be the 'Best Wedding Video Production Company in UK' and we are constantly improving and investing to realise our dream.

Below is an example from a recent wedding that was filmed using the canon 5D Mark 2

JAZ AND GARETH - BRIDE AND GROOM from Mark William Lenik on Vimeo.