This Weekends Weddings

Had a busy weekend of weddings. Friday I was at Rogerthorpe Manor in Badsworth filming the wedding of Anna Vollands, a well renowned ballet dancer, to Phil Yates. Anna was a stunning Bride, and Phil scrubbed up well too!

It was a lovely wedding with very chic guests many of whom had travelled up from London. I got some really great shots using the mix of the 5D Mark 2 and the Sony EX-1.

Really looking forward to editing it, once I do I will post it on this blog.

On Saturday I travelled over to Halfax to film the wedding of Danni Saxton to James Burke. The wedding was early start with the wedding at 11 so was at the brides house for 9am to film her preparations. Weather wasnt great, with a bit of rain as Danni arrived at the church.

The reception was at one of my favourite venue's, Oulton Hall. Ended up being a late one but was a great wedding and a lovely couple.

Today was a day of rest! Spent it with my beautiful wife and even more gorgeous 6 month old Son. In the Saxton/Burke father of the bride speech he said, make sure you put aside time for your kids, then put aside even more as they grow up fast.........

I kept that in my mind today so we spent the day as a family. Back working now though as they are in bed!