Annabel Williams Promotional Video

Through our photography contact's we were put in touch with one of the UK's premier photographic training centre's, 'Annabel Williams' based up in the Lake District. The school is lead by Annabel herself, she carries out some of the classes but they do offer a huge variety of courses which are presented by some of the uk's best photographers, Stewart Randall and Brett Harkness amongst them.

As we now film the majority of our wedding video's using DSLR video camera's such as the Canon 5D Mark 2 and Canon 7D (the same camera's photographers use) we have built up strong relationships with photographers who are interested in the amazing video capabilites of the camera's they use to take photo's with.

 After seeing a promo video I made for photographer, Stewart Randall, created with the 5D Mark 2, Annabel asked me to create a promo video for her company ' Annabel Williams - Photographic Training'.

I spent two days filming up in the Lake's taking over 6 hours of  footage.

This is the result! It should be up next week on their website which is



Annabel Williams Photography Promo from Mark William Lenik on Vimeo.